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PRIN Grant 2015SNS29B (2017-2019) “Modern Bayesian Nonparametric Methods”

Research Units: Bocconi University (PI Sonia Petrone), University of Pavia (PI Antonio Lijoi), University of Torino (PI Matteo Ruggiero); National Coordinator: Igor Pruenster


Research Team Bocconi unit: Isadora Antoniano, Sandra Fortini, Pietro Muliere, Simone Padoan, Sonia Petrone, Igor Pruenster, Catia Scricciolo (University of Verona)


Abstract: The research project involves three teams based at the Bocconi University, the University of Torino and the University of Pavia. Its goal is two-fold. On the one hand it aims at the development of models for dealing with covariate-dependent data, heterogeneous populations and time-varying phenomena. On the other hand, it investigates asymptotic properties of the proposed models as they will form the basis for the proposal of finite-sample approximation of Bayesian procedures.