Monitoring Labor Reforms in France

Le Barbanchon photo

Thomas Le Barbanchon, of Bocconi’s Department of Economics, has been appointed member of the “Comité scientifique de l'évaluation de la réforme France Travail”, an academic committee set up by the French government to oversee the implementation of new labor regulations.
The law of December 18, 2023 “for full employment” introduces the creation of France Travail, a new public employment service operator, effective on January 1, 2024. This will be accompanied by the creation of an employment network bringing together various other regional agencies around France Travail, to better meet the support needs of jobseekers and employers.
The scientific committee, whose members are academics specializing in labor economics and related areas, will be in charge of monitoring the consequences of this new framework in terms of return to work by people who had lost a job, organization of job centers, access to the welfare system and reduction of inequality.
Thomas Le Barbanchon had also been appointed in 2022 as member of the evaluation committee of the 2019 reform of Unemployment Insurance in France.


Source: Bocconi Knowledge