Blockchain Initiative Inaugural Lecture: Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies

Image of Blockchain Initiative Inaugural Lecture: Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies
ROOM 3.E4.SR03

“Anonymity in Cryptocurrencies”
presented by Sarah Meiklejohn (University College London)

10 July 2019, 12:30PM

Bocconi University, Room 3.e4.sr03

via Roentgen 1, 3rd floor

A long line of recent research has demonstrated that existing cryptocurrencies often do not achieve the level of anonymity that users might expect they do, while at the same time another line of research has worked to increase the level of anonymity by adding new features to existing cryptocurrencies or creating entirely new cryptocurrencies. This talk will explore both of these lines of research, demonstrating both de-anonymization attacks and techniques for anonymity that achieve provably secure guarantees.


Sarah Meiklejohn is an Associate Professor in Cryptography and Security at University College London. She has broad research interests in computer security and cryptography, and works on topics such as anonymity in cryptocurrencies, privacy-enhancing technologies, and bringing transparency to shared systems.