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PRIN Grant 2022HKLEC5 (2023-2025) “Platform Monetization: Strategies, Challenges and Implications"


The past decades have witnessed how platform business disrupts various industries
and almost every aspect of our life. In this project Bocconi University and University of
Bologna will collaborate to study the platform business model. We focus on two
questions: (1) What is the impact of platform monetization on the platform ecosystem
(2) How can the platform business model be adopted by the publication industry in Italy
and what are the potential intended and unintended consequences We develop a
theoretical framework to answer the above questions. Firstly we leverage a natural
experiment on Goodreads a popular book promotion platform to examine the
consequences of platform monetization. In particular how did the supply side (e.g.
publishers/authors) and the demand side (readers) respond to the monetization policy
change Second we design strategies to help facilitate the implication of the platform
business model.