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ERC Starting grant 306404 (2012-2017) “New directions in Bayesian Nonparametrics” (N-BNP)

Research Team: Pierpaolo De Blasi (University of Torino), Stefano Favaro (University of Torino), Antonio Lijoi (University of Pavia), Igor Pruenster (PI), Matteo Ruggiero (University of Torino), Giacomo Zanella


Abstract: Bayesian Nonparametrics is an exciting area of research that has recently experienced a huge burst of popularity within both the academic community and practitioners. The project aims at introducing and investigating novel statistical models and procedures that effectively cope with complex data dependence structures characterizing modern interdisciplinary applications. The research methodology stands out for its blend of sophisticated theoretical tools and of efficient computational algorithms that ease the implementation within a variety of applied contexts, among which nonparametric regression, meta-analysis, competing risks, macroeconomic dynamics, population processes with spatial immigration and time-varying mutation rate, credit markets with heterogeneous agents, biodiversity assessment and prediction in Ecology and Genomics.


“New directions in Bayesian Nonparametrics” (N-BNP)