We Can Help Language Technologies Understand What We Want

Debora Nozza wins an ERC Starting Grant for a project that will change our relationship with advanced language based technologies

Taking a Closer Look at the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workers

Julien Sauvagnat has won a grant from the Italian government for a project that aims at plugging a huge gap in what we know about the new technologies at firm level

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BIDSA SEMINAR SERIES "Optimal permutation estimation in crowd sourcing"
Criminal Networks: Understanding and Combating the Modern Hydras

Daniele Durante has secured funding from the European Research Council to develop cutting edge statistical models and methods for studying criminal networks

How We Will Defend Against Quantum Hackers

Giulio Malavolta's project, funded by the European Research Council, explores the evolution of cryptography in a post quantum environment

Understanding Crystal Structures Through Geometric Analysis

Antonio De Rosa was funded by the European Research Council to develop a branch of mathematics born from an intuition about the structure of soap films which is also valuable in materials science and in computer graphics

Improving Accuracy, Reliability, and Interpretability of Distributed Computing

Research by Botond Szabo is aimed at giving theoretical underpinnings to the black box procedures used to cope with the unprecedented explosion of available data

Battigalli and Mezard to the Accademia dei Lincei

Pierpaolo Battigalli and Marc Mézard, have been elected fellows (“soci corrispondenti”) of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the oldest scientific society in the world

BIDSA SEMINAR SERIES "Conformal Prediction and Control"

BIDSA Seminar Series 2023: Anastasios Angelopoulos, University of California, Berkeley

BIDSA SEMINAR SERIES "E is for Evidence"

BIDSA Seminar Series 2023: Peter Grunwald, CWI and Leiden University