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BIDSA Webinar: "Robust Estimation via M.M.D. Minimization"
BIDSA Webinar: "Robust Estimation via M.M.D. Minimization" - Pierre Alquier, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
Zoom webinar
BIDSA Webinar: "Robustly Learning Mixtures of (Clusterable) Gaussians via the SoS Proofs to Algorithms Method"
BIDSA Webinar Spring Series 2021 - Sam Hopkins
Synthesizing Big, Wide and Dirty Data to Predict Election Outcomes
An Applied Social Science problem inspired Professor Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, new BIDSA Fellow, to investigate new scalable Bayesian computation strategies.
Navigating Uncertainty: Why We Need Decision Theory During a Pandemic
Massimo Marinacci and Valentina Bosetti investigate how modern Decision Theory can assist policymakers in critical times such as the Covid19 crisis in a paper co-authored by the Nobel Laureate Lars Peter Hansen.
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BIDSA Webinar: "Streaming k-PCA and concentration for random matrix products"
BIDSA Webinar Spring Series 2021 - Jonathan Niles-Weed
Zoom webinar
BIDSA Webinar: “Differentiating Through Optimal Transport”
BIDSA Webinar Spring Series 2021 - Marco Cuturi
New CIVICA data science seminar series 2021
The CIVICA Data Science Seminar series is a unique multi-disciplinary series focused on applications and methodologies of data science for the social, political, and economic world.
Marta Catalano and Sirio Legramanti Awarded for Their Papers
The PhD candidates in Statistics are among the winner of thr SSBS 2021 student paper competition and will fly to Seattle for JSM 2021, pandemic permitting.
2021 IGIER - BIDSA Visiting Students Initiative (VSI) Call for Candidates
IGIER and BIDSA invite students in the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences, MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics and the MSc in Finance who are interested in pursuing a research career to join the two research centers
Math as an Adventure: The Unexpected Applications of the Optimal Transport Problem
Giuseppe Savare' met the optimal transport problem twenty tears ago, and since then he has witnessed its many and sometimes unexpected applications ranging from pure mathemathis to machine learning.